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First of all, I must warn you that I do NOT recommend that you search alone for data entry jobs from home. There are at least 10 scams for every single legitimate data entry job, so you can easily end up burning yourself.

Not to mention that finding real data entry jobs is extremely hard: the „market” is ultra-saturated since millions of people (especially from countries like India) try to get these jobs as fast as possible. Consequently, the available spots are extremely rare, and the payment is even lower.

And even if a company does admit that they’re genuinely looking for new personnel to hire for data entry jobs, usually this means that they’ll put you on a waiting list with hundreds of other people. This, of course, means that your chances of ever landing a real data entry job from home are dismal at best.

Finally, I’d like to warn you about one last thing: even if do manage to land a real, legitimate, full-time or only part-time data entry job, I’d seriously reconsider accepting it. Truth be told, there could be FAR MORE PRODUCTIVE usages of your time, too.

Data entry jobs are so under-paid that working one is not only not going to get help you make a decent living online, it’s probably not even going to be enough to live off. Chances are your payment won’t be as much as even minimum wage.

What’s an alternative solution to data entry jobs from home?

In my opinion, you could start a freelancing career, or if you’re shooting even higher, start your own business from home.

Both can be done relatively cheaply and simply, and your return on investment will be higher in both cases than working a low-paying data entry job from home.

What’s more, Business Online Guidance has lots of free information and guides on starting both a freelancing career and an e-business, so if I managed to convince you to leave data entry jobs to the heck and pursue one of these much more rewarding models, you can start your research here.

With that said, of course, now I’d like to show you the 5 best data entry jobs from home that I found on the net...

Update: January, 2014

I admit, the first time I wrote this article I was a bit skeptical about finding real data entry job opportunities from home. After all, as you know there are hundreds of scams for every single legitimate offer. It seemed really hard to me, if not impossible, to find real opportunities where you can earn actual money.

But just the other day a friend of mine told me that she did find a real company that actually paid her the money they promised.  Of course she's a good friend of mine so I believed her from the beginning, but it was when she logged in to her bank account in front of my eyes that I took her 100% seriously (no offense, Susan, if you're reading this :-) ).

Long story short, she signed up for a company called eGroup Media, which has so many connections with top trusted companies in the world that they provide real data entry opportunities for people from all over the world. Here are just some of the companies they're associated with:

Legitimate Data Entry Offers Globally from Home

And here are just some of their satisfied user testimonials:

Data Entry Job Testimonial
Client Testimonial Data Entry

So as you can see, there IS real proof that this system is the needle in the haystack that actually works and treats people legally, the way they deserve it.

You can check out more about the eGroup Media here and decide if it's something that interests you.

Oh and one last thing: they offer a 60 day unconditional money back guarantee for people who sign up and use their services, so there's NOTHING you can lose by giving them a try.

Let me know how it went at steve (at) business-online-guidance dot com and I'll be happy to provide even more help!

(And once again, thank you Susan for letting me know about this opportunity! :-) )

Top 5 Data Entry Jobs from Home

The following online data entry jobs from home are listed in order of relevance. This means that I placed the best options towards the top. The higher a company is, the more likely you’ll be able to land a job there.


1. ClickWorker

Although you can sign up for the absolute best work at home opportunity here, ClickWorker is a close second.

Here’s an introductory video to ClickWorker.

This websites looks by far the most professional and promising. If you’d like to get a real paying data entry or related job, I think you should start here.

Works include...

  • SEO
  • Content Creation
  • Translation
  • Web Research
  • Data Entry
  • and Data Categorization & Tagging.

You can sign up as a worker and start making money here.


2. VirtualBee

VirtualBee is another place where you can work from home doing simple tasks. However, in order to become an accepted worker here, you need to pass an evaluation test.

To find out what work opportunities there are and how you can get started at VirtualBee visit their website at this link.


3. CapitalTyping

CT offers the following legitimate job opportunities for their workers:

  • Translation
  • Transcriptions
  • Data Entry & Market Research
  • Secretarial and Offline Administration
  • Online Customer Support

You can apply as a worker at this link and I highly recommend you do it as quickly as possible, since they’ll probably stop accepting new workers soon.


4. AxionData

As its name suggests AxionData is a full-blown data entry services company. It offers lots of data entry jobs from home to many workers, HOWEVER, as of this writing (March 2013) they don’t have any new open positions.

However, if you can wait then I suggest you check out their application page over here:

If a new job opportunity appears, you’ll be among the first few who get it.


5. Scribie (Transcription Job from Home)

I left Scribie as the last one not because it’s the worst option of all, but because it’s not really a data entry job opportunity.

It’s rather an online video transcription company that’s looking for freelancer transcribers to work at a $10/hour rate (you can receive your payment via PayPal every month).

It’s a completely legitimate and quite famous company, so I think once you get accepted as a freelancer, you’ll always have plenty of job opportunities to do here. Also, $10/hour is considered a very good wage in the work-from-home and data entry industry, so if you’re interested in this kind of work you can sign up here.


That’s it. In my experience (and based on HOURS of extensive, tiresome research) these are the top 5 data entry job opportunities from home.


As I said, even the best work-from-home opportunities are pretty low-paid. If you want to have a decent job that pays well, you should definitely look for something else. Personally, I recommend freelancing or starting your own money making website or blog as the best option.

Alternatively, you can try the #1 legal data entry job offer that actually works by signing up for it here.

Building an e-business website or working at one of the major freelancing boards like, eLance or oDesk will yield you much better results.

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