Free Copywriting Swipe File to Download

Welcome to my free copywriting swipe file! I created it using the templates of only the best-selling copywriting experts in the world.

You’ll find the most powerful and persuasive

  • copywriting words for headlines
  • sales letter opening phrases
  • visualizers (to get people to picture what you’re saying)
  • trust enhancers
  • buying incentives (to make them feel they can’t live without your product)
  • logic creators (to show them buying is a sane decision)
  • embedded commands
  • STOP phrases
  • “YES” mindset generators (to help you close the final deal)
  • attention grabbing phrases
  • benefit list generators
  • sample copywriting guarantees (to eliminate risk)
  • copywriting P.S. (post script) templates
  • social proof enhancers
  • testimonial introductions
  • call to actions
  • competition killers (get them to see your product as the only option)

...included in the following 15 pages long PDF document.

Download it NOW as your free copywriting swipe file. It’s my gift.


Also, below I’d like to show you how you can use this swipe file to almost automatically write sales-boosting copy for your products and services. It’s so easy that even a 9-year old can do it if he knows how to read at an average level.

1. Headline Formulas

Example: ----- in 24 hours or your money back

Set up your blog and publish your first post in 24 hours or your money back

2. Copywriting Words for Headlines

Example: scientific

New Scientific Discovery: How to Write Persuasive Sales Copy Using a Free Copywriting Swipe File

3. Sales Letter Openers

Example: After you read this whole article you’ll feel…

After you read this whole article you’ll feel the enormous power my copywriting swipe file will give you.


4. Visualizers

Example: Just picture yourself…

Just picture yourself turning on your computer in the morning, logging into your PayPal account and seeing 23 (or more) new “You’ve got money” messages welcoming you, every single day. All thanks to this product!

5. Trust Enhancers

Example: I guess you know (say something true that everyone knows)...

I guess you know that finding your soul-mate isn’t going to happen by sitting at home all day long.


6. Buying Incentives

Example: Imagine your life 100 days from now...

Imagine yourself 100 days from now, logging into your Facebook Page account and seeing 2,456 new fans. All of them liking your page thanks to the simple techniques this product will reveal.


7. Logic Creators

Example: Want some more proof?

Want some more proof? Just look at the following “before-after” photos of real people who’ve managed to lose 20 lbs. of fat in merely 30 days following the secrets I discuss in Product X.


8. Embedded Commands

Example: Once you buy … you’ll instantly feel the power of...

Once you buy my site-building software, you’ll instantly feel the power of cutting-edge technology working to rank you the highest at the search engines... and stay there for good!


9. STOP Phrases

Example: STOP for a second and imagine...

STOP for a second and imagine how proud you’d feel walking into any bar with your new beautiful girlfriend by your side, while noticing envious looks shooting at you from every corner of the venue.


10. “YES” Mindset Generators

Example: Do you REALLY want to know the secrets to...?

DO you REALLY want to know the secrets to making $1,000/day, working only 4 hours a week?

Note: Come up with something more plausible, though. ;-)


11. Attention Grabbing Phrases

Example: Pay attention to THIS!

Pay attention to THIS! Not only will my video course show you how to defend yourself if someone attacks you in the streets, but it will also show you secret techniques to defend yourself and your loved ones even against a group attack, with 100% confidence.


12. Benefit List Generators

Example: What if you had the power to…

What if you had the power to...

  • ask for a one-way inbound link from an A-list blogger and get a YES response 80% of the time
  • publish simple 500 word articles that go viral so quickly, you get more than 10,000 FB likes and retweets within 24 hours
  • and even more benefits...


13. Sample Copywriting Guarantees

Example: Imagine yourself trying this product without any risk! Wait, now it’s your reality!


14. Copywriting P.S. (Post Script) Templates

Example: I KNOW you can do this! I KNOW you and this product are a PERFECT fit!

I KNOW you can do this! I KNOW you and this product are a PERFECT fit!

So don’t let procrastination and fear hold you back any longer! Hit the BUY BUTTON NOW and get rid of all your boyfriend-problems once and for all! 100% money-back guarantee included if the product is not 100% what you expected.

15. Social Proof Enhancers

Example: Just think about how you can’t go wrong: 8 of every 10 visitors buy our product, because they realize the power they’ll instantly gain!


16. Testimonial Introductions

Example: The below testimonial is the evidence that...

The below testimonial is the evidence that everything I promised to you so far is 100% true! Even if it sounds unbelievably good!


17. Call to Actions

Example: Make a difference TODAY in your life and...

Make a difference TODAY in your life and order now so that you can get started on your journey to riches as fast as the speed of light!


18. Competition Killers

Example: Don’t leave your hard-earned money with products that don’t deliver...

Don’t leave your hard-earned money with products that don’t deliver: unlike any other competitors, this product includes chapters on the most secretive strategies ever discovered on how to get free plane tickets from anywhere to anywhere in the world!

Download this Free Copywriting Swipe File NOW!

So again, what you’ve seen above is just a small fraction of the hundreds of proven and tested copywriting phrases that will boost your sales.

If you use this free copywriting swipe file, you can’t possibly write low-performing or mediocre sales letters from now on. You’ll only produce irresistible copy that will put your readers into a “trance” like state, where they won’t be able to resist buying your product.

Download my free copywriting swipe file right now! You have nothing to lose but an extremely rare opportunity!

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