How to Install the Simple PayPal Shopping Cart?

Here’s a free way to add a shopping cart to your website by using the simple PayPal shopping cart software. Actually, it’s not even “software” since you don’t have to install anything either on your computer or webservers. It’s more like an extremely easy-to-use online service that every PayPal merchant can use for free.

Here’s how to setup PayPal’s shopping cart:

How to Install PayPal Shopping Cart? Step by Step Instructions

First of all, you can check out the official PayPal shopping cart demo here.

1. Login to PayPal

2. Click Merchant Services, Website Payments Option and the Add to Cart button.

How to Install PayPal's Simple Shopping Cart

3. In the form that they provide, enter all the information you want to display on your website (price, name, color etc...). You can also customize various settings such as Track inventory, which will help you ensure that you don’t display items that are out of stock (PayPal will send you an email notification when your supplies are running low).

PayPal Shopping Cart Setup

Anyway, you can play around with these features all you want to.

4. Click Create Button when you’re finished and copy this piece of code

PAYPAL HTML Shopping Cart Code

5. Go back to your website builder (i.e.: WordPress), open the page you’d like to edit and insert the code you just copied to the appropriate place on your webpage.


When someone clicks on your Add to Cart button, they’ll be taken to a page (which I call “Shopping Cart Content” page) where they can decide whether to continue shopping or proceed to checkout. If they continue shopping and click other “Add to Cart” buttons on your site, this Shopping Cart Contents page will always automatically refresh with the latest modification automatically re-set.

This means that everything will happen as if you were using full-blow shopping cart software on your site... only in this case for free!

It provides perfect user experience and it’s good for your wallet also.

What Are the Transaction Fees of Using PayPal’s Shopping Cart?

Of course this service is not really free, as much as PayPal would like you to believe. But that’s fine, since their transaction costs are pretty low and reasonable. Here’s a snapshot of PayPal’s official pricing that you can access at the PayPal Merchant Center:

PayPal Transaction Fees

If you’re just starting out small and don’t want to upgrade to a full-blow shopping cart software yet, you’ll just have to accept these extra fees.

Installing PayPal’s Shopping Cart Program – The Bottom Line

PayPal offers a perfect way to test your audience’s interest for a certain product you’d like to sell, without having to risk hundreds of dollars by ordering a professional shopping cart system only to realize that no one is going to buy from you.

If you verify that there is reasonable demand for your product, you may want to decide to upgrade to PayPal’s Website Payments PRO solution or to a complete Shopping cart system instead. 

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