What is ClickBank and How Does it Work?

What is ClickBank?

In short, it’s the biggest, most popular affiliate marketing network on the net (and in the world).

At ClickBank you can find all sorts of products, for all sorts of niches, in all sorts of price ranges, available for affiliate marketing for a wide range of commissions (starting from 10% to 70% and above).

As of now (2013, January), their affiliate marketers have earned a net amount of $2,314,488,348, so over $2.3 BILLION dollars!

Seeing these impressive details on what is ClickBank, you may want to go ahead and register as an affiliate right now, so that you can start earning money as soon as possible.

How to Register at ClickBank?

Registering is free both as an affiliate and as a vendor. You get one account for both activities by default.

Here’s the link where you can register to ClickBank for free.

How Can You Start Making Money?

Once you've learned what is ClickBank, in order to start earning, obviously you have to choose products that you’d like to promote to your audience.

This process is very easy, and it all starts at the ClickBank marketplace, where you can browse from the biggest database of affiliate products in the world.

Here’s the ClickBank Marketplace.

How to Find Products to Promote as an Affiliate?

Let’s say you have a fly-fishing website and you’d like to make money by recommending fly fishing products to your audience as an affiliate. ClickBank has the key to the solution:

  • Just type in fly fishing into the search box at the marketplace, and look at all the results you get back.
Product Search at ClickBank
  • Choose the product that you like the most (or that pays the highest commission), and click "Promote".
ClickBank Marketplace

How to Find Your Affiliate Links at ClickBank?

Once you clicked "Promote", a window will automatically pop up, asking for your account nickname and a transaction ID.

For the account nickname, enter your ClickBank account username that you registered when signing up, and feel free to leave the Transaction ID field blank (it’s only for tracking purposes if you’re that advanced).

Then click “Create” and ClickBank will instantly serve you your affiliate link. Just try highlighting and copying the link, to see what happens if you insert it into the URL bar of your browser.

More than likely, it will take you to the product’s landing page, while embedding your affiliate ID into your computer. This all happens automatically by ClickBank’s software, so you do NOT have to do anything to make sure you always get your deserved commissions.

How to Promote ClickBank’s Products and Make Money as an Affiliate?

The rest of the"what is ClickBank" story is easy, as long as you already have targeted traffic that’s interested in your chosen product (i.e.: fly fishing).

Simply mention the product on your website’s pages and link to it using your affiliate link that you’ve just gotten from ClickBank. This way, whenever one of your readers clicks on your link and ends up buying the product, you’ll get a pre-set commission.

It’s as easy as that.

If you don’t already have targeted traffic, read the bottom of this page to find out how you can get it the simplest, fastest and cheapest way.

How Can You Track Your Sales with ClickBank?

A vital part of making money with ClickBank is knowing how to track your marketing activities’ performance.  You should know

  • how many people clicked on your links
  • how many of them purchased
  • how many asked for a refund later and so on...

This ClickBank article will tell you all you need to know to easily track everything you want.

FREE Resources on Making Money with ClickBank

There’s a whole industry of eBooks, videos and other training courses talking about how to make money with ClickBank. However, I strongly recommend you stay away from them and download these free affiliate marketing eBooks instead.

They’ll teach you everything you could ever need to know to make a killing as an affiliate marketer, starting from the basics and including even highly advanced, pro affiliate marketing strategies:

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UPDATE, 2013:

I just finished writing my new ebook on affiliate marketing. It's aimed at people who are just starting out and consider themsleves newbies:

The Beginner's Guide to Affiliate Marketing - How to become a PRO marketer and earn as much as affiliate superstars

You can download even this affiliate marketing course for free by clicking here.

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